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Death in Liposuction

Liposuction procedures are quite safe these days. It is true that some people’s lives were ruined because of unskilled liposuction procedures in the past. Some even suffered from death from liposuction. Death in liposuction is so rare, even in the past, but no one can be so sure that it’s now completely a safe procedure because it still has its own risks.

When it comes to getting cosmetic procedures like fat removal surgery ( invasive liposuction ), it is a fact that you will be administered anesthetics during your session. No medical procedure can be performed without anesthetic administration. Liposuction procedures require both local and general anesthesia.

Experts say that most fat removal surgery complications are should be associated with anesthetic drug administration procedures. Some people may not be eligible for anesthetic drugs and state. Such procedures require strong hearts and perfect health conditions.

If you have serious diseases like diabetes and your heart is not a strong one which tends to suffer from attacks and other problems, you are not considered eligible for invasive liposuction. Your surgeon will definitely warn you about possible consequences. If you’re not eligible for liposuction because your heart is too weak, your age is too high and you have serious diseases, you may end up dead after an invasive lipo.

In order to make sure that you will be just fine during and after lipo, you should make your lipo surgeons and your previous doctors contact each other about your health condition. Your lipo surgeon will learn more about your medical record and build an individualized surgery plan for you. Besides, you should not lie to your doctor about anything as he asks questions to you.

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