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Liposuction Scabs

You fall and hurt your knee. Your knee skin is exposed and you’re bleeding. After some time, you see that your blood stops flowing outside and clots itself to prevent further blood loss inside your body. This is your body’s main immune system protocol when your skin is exposed to an external injury. Clotted blood forms scabs whose mission is to protect your injured skin tissue.

Similarly, you are more likely to experience these scabs over your liposuctioned area as well. Liposuction scabs are not like those forms on your knees or legs. They can be seen on your liposuctioned are in different shapes, sizes, and colors because your stitches do the same job as they do.

Liposuction procedures are very invasive but most people are expected to return their daily life within 2-3 days. This means that your early recovery is faster and you are not troubled with doing anything, especially returning to your work. However, this fast healing may cause something in return. Your scabs on your liposuctioned area may cause annoying itching which could make you interfere with it.

You may want to kill yourself not to scratch it but you have to stand it because touching and scratching your liposuction scabs are very dangerous. Your surgical area is still too sensitive against external caresses and your immune system may react very badly to those little germs and microorganisms that may come from your naked hands.

Your doctor will remove your stitches sometime after your liposuction procedure. This means that your body will be okay without them, however, you should still be good with your liposuctioned area. Don’t try to scratch your liposuction area with your fingers, don’t you even think about it because you would not want to experience a terrible infection and ruin your dream with such a dumb act.

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