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Liposuction Side Effects

With the brand new technological techniques, the number of people who would like to get liposuction surgeries has been increasing. Liposuction in the 2020’s World is considered one of the safest procedures ever. There are invasive and noninvasive liposuction methods used to remove the individual’s fat. However, not every person in the world is the same and their bodies may react in a bad way to such procedures. Side effects are almost inevitable in every aspect of the aesthetic life.

If we want to call something a ” side effect ” we need approval for this first. For example, there’s a drug and swellings occur when it’s used in pregnancy, this is called a “side effect”. But if you consider yourself an ordinary man with a healthy body, and he gets dizzy after a procedure or drug use, this should not be concluded as a side effect. Let’s take a look at the common side effects of the industry’s most performed liposuction methods:

Common Side Effects After Liposuction

Swelling is the most seen side effect of liposuction surgery and it’s almost inevitable. Swellings are not generally hazardous to the patient’s health and seen in almost every person who recently had an aesthetic or cosmetic surgery, like liposuction. If the swellings get worse and not reducing in size, you should see your doctor.

Over-Sensitive Skin is actually a situation that your surgical processed body needs some time to adjust its skin and tissue to its new form. The patient may feel weird when the body it’s touched, this is completely temporary.

Poor Pigmentation is the situation the patient’s skin fails to recover its original colour or change into different colours in different areas. If a patient experiences irregular pigmentation, he/she immediately consult the surgeon.

Bruising may happen because of the irregular circulation of blood to the liposuctioned tissue. During the liposuction, the fat is displaced before it’s suctioned out and if the patient gains some considerable weight after the surgery, the fat may not spread through the body as it used to before the surgery. The irregular spread of the fat and blood may cause such bruisings in body and the patient must see the doctor if these bruisings get any worse.

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