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Permanent Liposuction

When someone really starts to think that his / her excess weight has become an annoying problem, the first thing that comes to mind is a fat removal procedure. And the number one fat removal method on the market is the invasive liposuction procedure. Invasive liposuction involves the extraction of fat cells with a cannula applied to a vacuuming instrument. This fat removal procedure is able to remove up to 6 liters of fat cells in one session. The liposuction procedure permanently removes fat cells from the body. However, this does not mean that the individual won’t gain weight again. Permanent liposuction is an urban legend in which frauds and liars try to attract liposuction candidates to their sides.

You can get the excess fat located in your body removed but this procedure does not solve your obesity problem, or any other situations like genetics, hormonal irregularities which may be reasons for your excess weight. It is always up to you that you keep your body in shape. You need to watch your cardio by watching what you eat and drink. You would not want to kill the purpose of your liposuction procedure by ruining your healthy diet with lots of fatty and sugary food consumed every day. Those who had to get a second liposuction procedure feel very guilty about how they treated their body after their first lipo.

How Many Liposuction Procedures Can I Get?

The more you get yourself liposuctioned, the worse condition your body’s nature gets into. Liposuction is a highly invasive cosmetic procedure and your body will have to gain weight in some other places instead of the liposuctioned area.

There are not so many liposuction failure cases in which people suffered from complications like infection and necrosis. Complications generally happen when candidates do not meet eligibility requirements, so don’t worry, they’re rare.

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