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Platysmaplasty Will Change Your Appearance

The neck is one of the parts of our body that affect our facial appearance directly. Many people want to have a neck with sharp jawlines instead of a sagging and fatty neck. If you have a sagging neck there is a cosmetic surgery way to offers you a beautiful neck. The Platysmaplasty will change your appearance.

What is Platysmaplasty?

The platysma is a muscle that exists under the skin of the neck. The anatomy of this thin muscle has a major impact on the appearance of the neck. Loosening in the muscles can result in sagging necks and, in some cases, neckbands. Platsymaplasty is a surgical procedure that restores a youthful appearance to the neck and under the chin by repairing this muscle.

Risks of Platysmaplasty

There are some risks in Platsymaplasty like many other cosmetic surgeries even though it is a safe procedure. You may encounter skin contour defects, discoloration or swelling of the skin, frequent loosening of the skin, and injury after a platysmaplasty. You can also feel numbness or changes in numbness, as well as extreme itching. Platysmaplasty risks and complications include

  • excessive bleeding,
  • skin tissue death,
  • blood clots, and
  • recurrent edema.

Anesthesia has risks, just like any other medical technique. Furthermore, the results of cosmetic surgery could not be exactly as you hoped, and unsatisfactory cosmetic surgery outcomes are a possibility. As a result, in some cases, additional surgery may be needed.

If you experience any of the following symptoms after surgery: shortness of breath, chest pain, heavy bleeding, or irregular heartbeats, contact your surgeon immediately.

To summarize, the neck is one of the most essential parts of our bodies that reveal our age. Platysmaplasty surgery, also known as neck lift surgery, will help you look younger. If you want to learn more about platysmaplasty or other cosmetic procedures, please read our blog or fill out the contact form.

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