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Liposuction Post-Op Care

Even the least complicated non-invasive liposuction methods like laser lipo require extra care after the procedures. However, when it comes to traditional invasive liposuction procedures, people should really take good care of themselves after the surgery. Liposuction post-op care is one of the most important things to do if people don’t want to face the worst scenario, a repair job.

The invasive liposuction, in which surgical incisions are made during the procedure is a complicated surgery type. Patients are administered local and general anesthesia in order to provide the best comfort during the procedures. The surgically processed part of the body sutured together after the procedure.

Things to Be Done after Liposuction

Not just after aesthetic procedures, but also after all kinds of invasive surgeries, water is the most important thing that a person should consume. Water increases the post-op reconstructive state of the body when it’s consumed in high amounts.

All types of food and drinks that may increase the dehydration in the body should be avoided during the recovery. The first two weeks, when the body recovers fastly is so important and alcohol and smoking not only increase the dehydration but also dangerous to the people’s overall health condition.

Irregular eating habit is the main reason why most of the people have to consider liposuction procedures. Consuming a high amount of fast foods, and certain types of carbohydrate increase the density of fat cells in the body. In order to keep your current body shape and not to kill the purpose of your liposuction, you should avoid consuming lots of fast food during the day.

Since there are still sutured wounds in the body, patients should not expose themselves to the sunlight in order to prevent severe scarrings over the surgically operated area. If they should expose themselves to sunlight, proper sunscreens should be applied over the surgical area.

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