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Problems After Fat Removal Surgery

Everyone probably knows at least a couple of facts about fat removal surgery. It is the main invasive cosmetic procedure that involves the extraction of excess fat cells via a cannula applied to a surgical vacuuming instrument. Fat removal surgery aka liposuction can be performed in either hospitals or aesthetic clinics. Fat removal surgery is not a simple cosmetic procedure but it’s not that complicated as it was once in the past. Problems after fat removal surgery can be possible since it’s an invasive cosmetic surgery after all.

What happens when you see a cut on your body? It bleeds, you feel pain depending on the size of your cut and you witness your blood’s coagulation which occurs to stop further bleeding. After that, your healing process begins under the coagulated blood.

This is what is supposed to happen in a fat removal surgery area. The surgery area is sutured if it’s necessary and there will be always bleeding after a lipo procedure. The fat removal surgery area will definitely have some scabs to heal your wounds.

No matter what happens, you are not supposed to remove your scabs with your fingers or nails. You can’t be so sure that your wounds have completely healed themselves or not so it is always best to leave them on their own. They will fall naturally when they’re completely done with your healing.

Itching problems are also common after fat removal surgery. Itching actually means that you’re healing. Especially after scabs, itching may be a bit annoying but does not threaten your fat removal job or your body health.

Inflammation or swelling is probably the most annoying complications but they’re not permanent. You may have to live with them for a couple of days but they will definitely go away. Loss of sensation is so irritating and you may still suffer from it even months after your surgery.

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