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Tummy Tuck With Breast Lift

The tummy tuck, the term used to describe the abdominal ( belly ) fat removal procedure is one of the most performed cosmetic surgery types in the world. People who fail to melt out the excess fat on the abdominal area with natural methods consider a tummy tuck procedure as their last chance. However, most tummy tuck candidates also get breast lift jobs at the same time. Tummy tuck with a breast lift is an invasive procedure so it should not be treated as if it’s a least complicated process.

Excess fat on the abdominal area can be seen in almost every person who’s troubled with excess fat regardless of the sex. A droopy belly and saggy breasts may emotionally trouble the everyday life of a person.

The tummy tuck procedures are performed to every person in almost the same way. However, we can’t say the same thing for breast lift jobs. The purpose of lifting the breasts may be different for men and women.

Breast Lift for Men and Women

A breast lift job for a man is related to gynecomastia. The situation in which a man has droopy or saggy and enlarged breasts is called gynecomastia. This is generally seen in overweight men, however, it can also be seen in those with average weight.

A breast lift on a man may include the removal of the excess skin on breasts and little liposuction procedures if needed. The excess skin is removed and the remaining sides of the skin are sutured together by the surgeon.

A woman breast lift may involve little breast augmentation jobs with the standard excess skin removal process included. There may be several reasons for the droopy and saggy breasts of a woman. Heredity, giving a recent birth, hormonal irregularities and excess weight are the most common reasons for such condition.

Non-invasive liposuction procedures are more effective when they’re performed on women’s breasts. Since they are not weight-loss methods, non-invasive liposuction methods like coolsculpting are best when they’re used against fighting the stubborn excess fat in women’s breasts.

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